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The Cuck He Rescued Shares With Others Of His Species During The Day And Returns Home Every Night

Steven Thibeault is all too aware of the extraordinary memory and unrivaled devotion that animals possess, especially when it comes to expressing their gratitude for the love they have received.

In the morning, the owner of an apartment building in Nahant, Massachusetts, noticed a single duckling battling for life in the building’s swimming pool.

Although she acted immediately to save him, she was unable to reconnect him with his family. The duckling couldn’t have survived on his own, so Steven took it home and gave it the name Cheerio.

From that moment on, Steven and Cheerio became the best of friends.

Cheerio’s release into the wild was Steven’s ultimate goal, but so yet, the little duckling doesn’t appear to be interested in leaving his human father.

Cheerio swims in the water with his duck pals every day while Steven is at work, then returns home each evening.

After work, we go home, and he spends most of the day outside, according to Steven.

Cheerio has always been allowed to come and go as he pleases by his father, but Cheerio simply loves him too much to stay away from him.

Cheerio enjoys socializing and hanging out with other ducks, which makes me happy, but ultimately he picks me. He is in charge of whether or not that changes in the future.

Everyone who resides in the complex of apartments that Steven oversees enjoys visiting with and feeding Cheerio. This adorable duck has undoubtedly gained local notoriety.


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