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Older Dog Gets Another Chance After Being Abandoned Wrapped In A Garbage Bag

When Blackie’s family, a ten-year-old dog, abandoned her at the shelter wrapped in a trash bag inside of a cardboard box, claiming that he had a tumor that had been bleeding, and was provided no medical assistance, the volunteers and staff of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs couldn’t help but cry.

After the devoted dog had been at her side for so many years, they chose to simply dump her rather than take her to the doctor to have the tumor treated. To prevent her from contaminating her automobile, they transported her wrapped in that plastic bag inside a used cardboard box.

The family came at the shelter with no sorrow, no shame, and even less compassion as they replied a loud “no” when asked if they regretted their actions.

Blackie was content despite the fact that his family abandoned him just when he needed them the most.

She was happy to find that the personnel had cleaned her up and made her comfortable after removing her from the rubbish bag.

It didn’t take long for Blackie’s plight to catch the attention of all animal lovers.

Blackie, who is now in the care of the Frosted Faces Foundation in San Diego, California, was fortunately saved from the shelter.

She has had lots of food, been combed, showered, and had her nails cut.