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Every Morning, The Rescue Cow Still Asks Her Father For Hugs

Ryan Phillips and his fiancée Mallory Sherman had no clue they were adopting a big baby when they picked up their first rescue cow Jenna.

The 3-day-old calf that fit in the back of their Subaru Forester grew into a healthy 1,000-pound cow, but she still acts like a little kid, demanding long hugs from her father every day.

Jenna was born as a freemartin, which means she was born with a twin brother. The dairy business had no use for her because she was infertile and couldn’t produce milk. Her father, the founder of Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, recognizes her worth.

Phillips told The Dodo, “Jenna’s personality has always been as rich and bright as she is now.” “I suppose she thought she was another human and had this mentality that she can do anything she wants with me since I spent 24 hours a day with her.”

Jenna is always hounding her human parents for attention, and she lets them know when they don’t spend enough time with her.

Phillips explained, “She will locate us at any window in the house and moo to us until we come out and give her hugs, scratch her, or run around the yard.”

Jenna has cherished her lengthy embraces with her father since she was a toddler and refuses to give them up, despite the fact that she is much larger than him.

“From the beginning, one of her favorite things was to lay her head against my knee and push it into it as I wrapped my arms around her neck and scratched her,” Phillips explained.

Jenna spends much of her days grooming and hanging out with her adoptive cow sister Maisie. That doesn’t mean her father is immune to the kisses.

“They have tongues that are similar to cat tongues, but they are much larger and more powerful,” Phillips explained. “It’s a little harsh at first, but you grow to enjoy it because it’s their way of letting you know you’re a member of the herd.”

Jenna may be demanding, but her parents never miss an opportunity to show her how much they care — even if it means giving her long embraces at all hours of the day and night.

Phillips said, “Fortunately, she’s so cute that we’re glad to constantly give up to her requests.”