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Mama Hen Adopts Baby Kittens in This Adorable TikTok Video

We’re completely enamored with unusual animal partnerships, such as this German shepherd playing with dolphins or this cow and piglet becoming best friends. But it gives us all the feelings when one species appears to comprehend the requirements of another!

Goran A. Surchi, an Iraqi farmer and soldier, has quite a collection of animals at his home, including cats, dogs, exotic chickens, goats, and other wild birds, all of which appear to get along swimmingly. His TikTok feed is jam-packed with beautiful animals scampering around, climbing on things, nibbling on him (truly!) and generally behaving themselves.

He was alarmed, though, when he heard tiny mews coming from his chicken coop. Cats and chickens don’t normally exchange BFF bracelets, after all. In the viral video below—which has now surpassed half a million views!— Surchi approaches the source of the mewling with caution: a plastic box containing a fluffed-up hen. On the “awwwww!” scale, what he discovers gets an 11 out of 10!



♬ الصوت الأصلي – goran.a_88

What’s that grumbly-growl from the chicken? It’s a gloomy sound! When a ‘broody’ hen lays her eggs, she seldom departs until they hatch, and when they do, she fusses the entire time, warning adversaries and even friends to keep away. As far as this young lady is concerned, a mother’s love has no bounds. These kids, whether they have hair or feathers, want love, and she is determined to provide it!

But, um, how is she going to feed them? We don’t know.

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Surchi told Bored Panda that once the babies’ cat mom passed away, the egg-cellent hen, Lee, ascended in the comfort pecking order. However, the kittens are doing well now that another loving farm feline has taken over their care. They never wander too far from their adoptive feathery family, as you can see in this video!


♬ الصوت الأصلي – goran.a_88