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Grandma Adopts Paralyzed Dog No One Wants, Then Has To Let Him Go

Pets are like our children to us; we care for their welfare for the rest of their lives and stick by them no matter what.

Bong is a dog that lived a typical life, running and playing with his mates in the streets as a healthy dog would. His hind legs were paralyzed when he woke up one morning, but rather than obtaining care, someone put him in a box and threw him into a trash can.

Fortunately, a grandma who was distraught about the situation heard his screams, saved him, and agreed to take care of him. She even knew the dog was a local resident.

Despite being extremely underprivileged, the grandma has a lot of love to share and goes above and beyond to ensure that her puppy leads a normal life. He makes sure all of her needs are met before his own, pads her room, and wraps it in homemade bandages.

When she can, the grandma carries him in a basket or wraps his legs to shield him from the ground since she is always concerned that he does not damage himself while being dragged.

The dog adores his grandma and wants to follow her around while she cleans the house.

Despite his illness, Bong strives to participate in things that regular dogs do. Almost every day, he visits with his closest buddy, a neighbor dog, who Bong’s owner brings over so that they may play and have some fun.

When Bong recognizes his buddy, he becomes quite pleased, but when it comes time for her to depart, he attempts to follow her but becomes disappointed when he can’t keep up with her pace and instead chooses to observe her leaving from a distance.

Sometimes, Bong may be seen observing the other dogs as they play and run, which suggests that he is experiencing emotional pain as a result of being unable to perform the same tasks.

Grandma starts crying when she sees Bong because she believes that if she had the means, the dog would be walking once again.

Grandma stated in a video on YouTube:

If he had been found and adopted by a wealthy family, they could have paid for his medical treatment, and he would be able to walk once more. He is in pain.

Some individuals chose to visit them after hearing the heartwarming tale, bringing with them gifts, snacks, food, a new bed, and unexpected news.

They promised to pay for the entire vet visit and transport the dog. After a few tests, the veterinarian who Bong was taken to by the volunteers diagnosed him with spinal myelitis.