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This dog attacked with a machete is looking for a chance to be happy

According to Vida Animal Costa Rica on Facebook, a dog named Duke had his nose savagely severed in Costa Rica. The machete-attacked canine is now asking for a chance to find happiness. He only desires to be liked.

Duke’s lips was virtually hanging by a thread when he was discovered. Duke’s nose and most of his teeth had to be removed by surgeons as they had to cut the tissue that connected his upper jaw to the rest of his mouth.

The specifics of the incident are still unknown, and Duke was a stray dog like many others around the nation. Although the attacker has been named, there isn’t enough evidence to bring any charges against him.

After the attack on that poor, helpless puppy, fury spread across the nation and even reached the highest echelons of government.

President Luis Guillermo Sols released a statement in favour of a new law since the current law against animal cruelty treats injuring an animal as a misdemeanor punished by meager fines.

50 votes in favor and 4 votes against were cast by the deputies. According to the standard, mistreating animals would result in a term of between twenty and fifty days in jail, while cruelty would result in a penalty of between six months and two years in prison, death with fraud, and a sentence of between six months and three years in prison. penalty charge

Animal abusers would now face prison sentences of up to three years instead of only fines.

The legislation forbids cruel practices including dog fighting, cockfighting, and the use of other animals in combat. It also imposes a prison sentence of between 6 months and 2 years on anybody who plans, advertises, or carries out animal fights of any type.

We now hope that the measure is completely ratified and becomes law when it is voted on in the upcoming days during the second discussion.

According to Vida Animal Costa Rica, Duke is recovering well from his surgery. The outrage over what happened to the poor animal is unlikely to abate, however, as Duke has found an even more powerful voice. social media savvy.