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Cat Had An Infection And Suddenly Turns Yellow, Now This Is A Real-Life Pikachu Cat But Still So Cute

A cute cat accidentally turned yellow one day. His owner wanted to cure the cat because of fungal infection.

So she applied turmeric to treat cat’s infection because her mom told her so. Turmeric actually is an Indian spice medicinal herb used to treat infections.

“My cat Ka-Pwong had ringworm, we did everything to cure it, but nothing worked. That was when my mother had the idea of using turmeric. At first, she painted it on the ringworm but as there was a lot left, she decided to paint the whole body to prevent future mycoses,” said Supamas to Bored Panda.

So the cat turned yellow immediately. She started to clean her cat but the yellow color wouldn’t wash off.

Doesn’t the cat looks like a Pikachu-cat?

“My cat may not even know it turns yellow now. Now the cat is cheerful and eats a lot as usual”, owner said.