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Gobi, The Dog That Won The Heart Of An Athlete Has Been Found

Dion Leonard, an Australian athlete, fell in love with a dog named Gobi. Gobi was waiting to fly to Beijing for the quarantine period before she could depart for Edinburgh, Scotland, with Dion and her wife, when she vanished over a week ago in Urumqi, China.

When ultra-marathon runner Dion learned that his beloved dog Gobi had vanished, he was devastated and made a plea for assistance in finding Gobi, the stray dog that had made him famous after racing 125 kilometers through China.

Dion and Gobi won people over when their tale went viral in early August and several media sites published the young girl’s amazing accomplishments at the annual Gobi Desert Run in China in March.

Gobi completed four of Dion’s six race stages over the course of a week. He remembers having to once carry Gobi across a portion of the river. He first sensed a true connection between them at that point.

The sportsman decided to talk to his wife about the prospect of taking Gobi home right away. But before she could finally be with Dion, she had to through a number of quarantines in both China and the UK.

Dion traveled back to China after learning of her disappearance to look for Gobi. He started a campaign, posted on social media, and erected billboards across the city.

The volunteers also offered their own assistance by speaking to anybody who could have seen the dog, visiting dog parks and shelters, and enquiring of security personnel, cab drivers, cleaners, and fruit vendors.

Leonard claimed he even launched a blog to keep people informed about the hunt after being interviewed on local media and having people stop him on the street and ask what they were searching for while sobbing over the story.

Dion secretly thought that the search would be in vain since Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, is a sizable city with a population of three million, and she worried that Gobi may possibly have returned to the countryside, where the language is spoken. Uyghur language, which is used by an ethnic group mostly in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China’s northwest.