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Friendly Dogs Will Do Anything For Attention — Even Call The Cops 16 Times

Meet Remy and Bomber, two adoring dogs that will go to any extent to get what they want, even if it means involving the cops.


A unusual phone call was received by the Lakeville Police Department in Minnesota on Thursday morning. When the 911 dispatcher picked up the phone, all she got was quiet on the other end.

The mystery only grew from there. The residence was locked and seemed to be unoccupied when officers Michelle Roberts and Emily Bares arrived at the site of the calls.

Both cops, however, understood it was not feasible.

Officer Roberts told The Dodo, “By the time we got there, they had had three additional 911 calls in that amount of time.” “They heard dogs barking in the background in a couple of them, but no human sounds at all.”


Both cops departed after a trip around the property, but the calls continued coming in.

As a result, Roberts resolved to return and try one final time to establish contact. She was able to gain the homeowner’s mobile phone number as well as the garage code.

“I was more concerned because I assumed there was a human inside who couldn’t speak or move and kept asking for assistance,” Roberts explained. “I never imagined it was the dogs,” says the narrator.

She was greeted by a hound mix and his Papillon accomplice as soon as she walked in. The two dogs were a little embarrassed about the problem they had created, but they were happy with the end outcome.


When Roberts entered the home office, he discovered a neglected mobile phone on the desk.

“It was set to ’emergency call only,’ so all the dogs had to do was bump the screen with their paw or nose to dial 911,” Roberts stated.

The approximately 45-pound hound may have reached the phone by standing on his hind legs or, more likely, by jumping up on the desk chair, according to Roberts.