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Stork That Will Not Fly Again Enjoys Life Thanks To This Woman

A juvenile stork in Mogilev, Belarus, who was injured and will never fly again after becoming entangled in many high-voltage electrical cables, lives a fully happy life thanks to a kind woman who made the decision to assist her.

The stork was constructing a nest when it became entangled in the electric wires. The electric discharge was so strong that it fell to the ground unconscious and suffered wing and beak damage. The injured bird needed immediate medical attention, so many locals agreed to take care of it by taking it to the veterinarian.

Elena Ersh learned about the severely hurt stork in this way and wanted to assist her, but she had to wait for her to get better.

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Bored Panda heard Elena say:

“I read of a baby stork that had been electrocuted in the Mogilev area of Belarus after being trapped in high-voltage lines, losing consciousness, and falling to the ground.”

The bird was examined by veterinarians, who had to operate to remove half of its wing and who believed it had no chance of surviving. Elena took the injured stork to her home a week later after making the decision to intervene and offer it another chance at life.

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Elena continued:

“As soon as I learned, I searched for her without thinking. I noticed a little, defenseless stork laying there, without even lifting its head. Her eyes were filled with a lot of suffering and sadness.

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The woman’s goal was to save Gosha, as the stork was known, and she was very kind and caring in her desire to assist the bird in any way possible. Gosha’s recovery was a protracted and difficult journey, but she had the support of thousands of people who followed her tale, as well as her new adoptive mother.

Gosha used to spend the daytime outside and slept on the balcony to avoid being woken up by wild creatures.

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However, the woman was not pleased with what she had heard since she felt in her heart that there was a severe problem.

Elena stated:

“I searched for an ornithologist by calling every private veterinary clinic and discovered one. He examined her and declared that her diseased wing would have killed him if he had waited any longer.

Gosha underwent another procedure when a portion of his wing was removed, and he was given medicine, on the same day that he received care from the ornithologist.

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