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The Sedgwick County Zoo’s Oldest Chimpanzee Has Passed Away

It’s never easy to say goodbye to those you care about. The zoo in Sedgwick County said goodbye to their oldest monkey. This is a sad day at the zoo for not just the chimps, but also the whole staff.

Image Source: Facebook/Sedgwick County Zoo

Audra was a chimp that was 51 years old. She started working at the zoo in 1972. She was the very first monkey to live in this zoo. She had a maternal side, according to the zoo, since she gave birth to seven children. Mwana was the zoo’s first ape to be born in 1984.

Her guardians also noted that, despite her sweetness, she retained her demeanor. She was a feisty young lady. She became everyone’s favorite over time, especially former veterinarian Dr. Bryant. They had a particular link between them. Her caretakers, on the other hand, loved her with all their hearts.

She was, without a doubt, a unique chimp. She arrived at the zoo after her Marbles, and Harriet soon joined her, followed by Gomez and Holly. It felt like being part of a large joyful family.

She loved spending quality time with her family and friends, particularly with her three children, Mwana, 36, Sukari, 24, and Mabusu, ten years old. In the zoo, she was accompanied by her children.

Her health had just taken a turn for the worse. She was full of life, even though she had severe heart illness, and she understood how to keep her family together.

The zoo’s crew did everything they could to save her. The zoo made a choice since her disease’s prognosis was poor. Audra was euthanized in order to alleviate her pain and make things easier for her. This was the most hardest decision they had to make in their whole lives.

Audra will be remembered for her kind personality. Her family, friends, and the zoo personnel will never forget her, and she will live on in their hearts forever.

We sincerely hope she is now at peace!