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Man Finds His Missing Dog Running In Field — Then Notices He’s Not Alone

This is Bo, a nice, gentle dog that adores his family. But there’s another thing he enjoys.

Bo is a thrill seeker. And meeting new people.


The bouncy black Lab allegedly decided to sneak away from home one night last week to do some exploring in the wide fields around his family’s Kansas farm. However, it appears that he failed to leave a letter before leaving.

His family was understandably concerned.

Laura Krier, Bo’s owner, told The Dodo, “We had been searching for him continuously.”

Bo had gone missing, but he wasn’t the only one.


Krier received information the next day that a dog matching Bo’s description had been seen playing in a field 6 miles distant. Kyle, Krier’s husband, went out to the location to pick him up, and his truck had plenty of spare capacity. He’d require it.

Bo was accompanied by two friends, an unexpected duo that joined him on his exploration journey.

Here’s a video of when they were discovered:

The dog and goat, it turns out, are characters the Kriers are familiar with.

Ozzy and Libby are the names of the Kriers’ next-door neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans.


Bo clearly went over to their residence after slipping away from home the night before, and a plot was formed.

“It’s impossible to determine whether the adventure was started by Bo the black Lab or Libby and Ozzy. Nonetheless, they were able to flee “According to Shawna Huggans of The Dodo, “They’re definitely buds.”

Fortunately, everyone was safe and sound at this point.


Bo, Libby, and Ozzy may have set off in pursuit of a new adventure, but their owners have also had a firsthand experience.

Krier recalled, “It was one of those things you tell your family and friends and they don’t believe you.” “However, when you view the footage, you realize it actually happened.”

When it comes to creating new memories, Bo is certainly an expert. (Libby and Ozzy, we’re sure, are as well.)