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Cat Visits Neighbor’s Window Every Day Looking For His Dog Friend Who Passed Away

It’s been a year since the death of Gracie, a dog that was best friends with the cat Baby Grey. Nonetheless, she attends her planned visits. Every day, she wanders around the patio and pauses at the sliding door, anticipating her pal will run to meet her at the glass. She waits there, sometimes for 20 minutes or more.

Gracie’s mother, Shea Belew Brennaman, first saw the mystery cat visiting her yard two and a half years ago and has been calling her ‘Baby Grey’ ever since. They don’t know her true name, but they believe she lives two blocks away.

Shea Belew Brennaman

When Baby Gray first approached the fenced-in backyard of Gracie’s family, the dog eagerly greeted her, more interested in making friends than frightening off intruders.

Gracie had made friends with everyone on her yard, from squirrels and bunnies to hawks, and she was naturally curious in the most recent guest.

Shea Belew Brennaman

Shea stated to The Dodo:

“Gracie welcomed her right away into our yard, and the two became great friends.”

Baby Gray’s visits got increasingly frequent over time. When her companion unexpectedly arrived up, Gracie was always a wonderful host, and they seemed to be soul mates. They even ate together.

Shea Belew Brennaman

Her family would leave Gracie tomatoes on the porch since they were her favorite treat, and she would share them with the cat before basking in the sun.

Shea Belew Brennaman

Gracie would go to great lengths for her friends and family, including rescuing Shea from a water moccasin snake assault when she was only an 8-month-old puppy.

Shea stated:

“She had a pleasant personality.” She was everyone’s buddy and a wonderful mother figure, especially to our Yorkie.”

Shea Belew Brennaman