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Adopted Dog Saves A 10-Year-Old Boy And His Mother From A Rattlesnake

A family in California is supporting their dog “Nala” after she boldly ran in front of a poisonous snake on Sunday. The terrible occurrence took place in a Lancaster desert neighborhood along a remote road. Boxer named Nala was saved by the family.

Cole’s family described what transpired in a GoFundMe fundraising effort:

“When a snake leaped on Cole as he was riding his bike along a trail and struck his bike, he yelled, and Nala raced forward to save him. She got nipped on the nose yet continued to resist Cole.”

Nala protected Cole Lewis and his mother when they encountered a rattlesnake while on a walk in the desert.

It was discovered from the boy’s account that the snake that bit Nala in the face was a dangerous Mohave rattlesnake. After the poisonous bite, the brave dog was brought to the hospital where her condition was listed as “critical.”

Rattlesnakes in the Mohave Desert are most active from April through September. Adopt-A-Pet recommends that dogs bitten by rattlesnakes be driven, if at all feasible, to a veterinarian as soon as possible. The higher the dog’s chances of survival, the sooner an antivenin may be given.

The fact that Nala intuitively understood how to defend Cole is appreciated by her family. Anthony Borquez, the boy’s stepfather, made the following observations on Nala’s protectiveness in an interview with ABC 7 News:

“I was raised in boxers. They are fiercely guard dogs. She saved us, and we saved her.

Borquez stated that her family would never longer cycle or stroll in the desert environment where the dangerous encounter with the snake occurred while Nala is still healing from the venomous bite.

Cole left his bike at the scene because of fear that Nala had been bitten by a rattlesnake, but when his family went to get it, it had been stolen. The family is content that Nala will return home in the upcoming 24 hours, so the little child is not concerned about his bike.