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The Volunteers Of This Animal Shelter Are Really Happy Because All The Dogs Have Been Adopted

Take them home for the holidays was the name of an adoption campaign the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region established. It was a huge success, and as a result, all the dogs were adopted, making the volunteers happy.

Last Monday, a volunteer at the shelter published the following on Facebook:

“What transpires if the final dog up for adoption is taken? To celebrate, your employees and volunteers leap into the kennels!

In order to increase interest in adopting a companion animal, this organization promised not to charge adoption fees for cats and dogs up to 5 years old from December 18 until the New Year.

These animals make lovely Christmas presents, and having a forever home is unquestionably the best present of their lives for them.

Since over 31% of dogs that are not adopted are put to death, the fact that all the canines were adopted is truly reason for joy.

Even though the organization is aware that new animals will soon arrive at its facilities, 23 dogs and 25 cats have been adopted since the campaign started up until Monday. Of course, they are willing to assist them in finding a forever home.

Later tonight or tomorrow, we’ll have more dogs available. Keep these adoptions going!