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Meet Thor, A Bengal Cat With A Purrfectly Lovely Coat

Thor The Bengal cat is one of those cats that stares deep into your soul and even farther. Take a look at his emerald green eyes, which peer out from behind his lovely sandy fur – is this even real?! The powerful kitty’s hair is so purrfect that it even has spots on his stomach! Is there anything more majestic than this cat? We have our doubts. Neither does the Internet, since Thor’s photographs have gone completely viral since their release.

“I definitely get the feeling of being his servant!”.

“We are ready to serve him whenever he opens his lips”

“However, I have to confess that we receive a lot of love for it!”

“Thor is a highly energetic and loving cat!” says the narrator.

“He speaks all day and gets irritated if we don’t respond to his meowing.”

“And once a day, usually right before bedtime, he goes insane and climbs the walls.”

“He appears to be a youngster who refuses to sleep.”

“However, after a few minutes, he calms down and retires to his bed.”

“When we have visitors, he doesn’t flee like other cats, but instead goes to see who they are and smell their scent.”

“And if he loves them, they’ll get a couple big meows from Thor himself.”