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This Dog Abandoned In A Shelter By Her Former Family Comforts Herself With A Stuffed Toy

Many animals are frequently abandoned for a variety of reasons, such as because they are too old, have behavioral issues, or their family is relocating. This lovely pit bull named Layla was given to a shelter in New York because the people she loved the most in the entire world believed they already had a lot of animals at home. She needs a new permanent home since right now her only source of solace is her favorite toy.

The Dodo quoted Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the group Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, as saying:

“We have read the delivery letter from its owner, and what it said was that she gave it up because she had too many pets, since she lived with five children and two other dogs.”

She appeared to be in a lot of discomfort within the shelter. Because they have lost everything they know, many dogs experience stress in these circumstances. It’s hardly surprising that this dog was so uneasy at the shelter because she was so close to the kids in her house.

When her family left her, Layla had no idea what to do. Her stuffed animal was the only thing that could make her feel better.

A rescuer named Julie Carner posted on Facebook:

“She never lets go of the toy as she drags it around the yard and down the street. Today, he is left with nothing but the toy.

John stated:

“She comforted herself with her small plush animal.”

Layla can be soothed by a plush animal, but it’s insufficient. She was abandoned in a high-kill shelter, and if she didn’t find a home soon, she would have been put to death.

John stated:

The shelter was not going to give Layla any more time because she had previously appeared on the list a few times.

She was fortunately able to leave the shelter a week ago thanks to volunteers from the group Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.