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Tanzanian Man Built A Sanctuary For Homeless Dogs In His Backyard

Ismael Mungaya’s father was baffled as to why his 21-year-old son was devoting so much time and money to assisting dogs in Arusha, northern Tanzania, where many people consider them to be filthy and degrading creatures. He believed Ishmael was insane for rescuing stray dogs, but despite this, his son still constructed a refuge in his backyard for the canines that needed it the most.

Mungaya’s father raged at him for a full week when he brought his first puppy home, accusing him of being mentally ill. Mungaya, though, was an animal lover through and through.

When Mungaya saw Tina, a dog who had given birth to four puppies behind a bush, he knew he had to assist her. That was how it all began a year prior.

Mungaya said to The Dodo:

“I was devastated for her. I brought Tina and her pups home, where I erected a little cage to protect them from the weather and gave them food.

Mungaya, though, was unsure about what to do next.

said mungaya

“At the time, I was unaware that dogs could receive vaccinations for any illness. He was simply aware that he could give them food and housing.

Mungaya expressed her desire to assist Tina and her babies in a Facebook post about Tina and her puppies. Mungaya was able to contact individuals to assist since the message was circulated.

said mungaya

“I discovered a friend who loves animals and is really caring. She came to see me and gave me dog food. A veterinarian was summoned and arrived to immunize them. I was joined by another acquaintance, who assisted me in having all the dogs spayed and neutered.