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Otters Have A Favorite Stone That They Carry With Them For The Rest Of Their Life

It has remained a mystery as to why otters have a particular stone that they maintain throughout their lives. Biologists have tried to come up with an explanation for this. Susan Milius, a Life Sciences expert, writes in a Science News article that the action they make with the stone is more of a swing between the front legs than a rhythmic hurling of things into the air.

Regardless of the specialist’s arguments, the reality is that otters always have a favorite stone with them. They pick the one they like most and keep it with them for the rest of their lives, and it serves a useful role for them.


There have been reports of otters traveling with their favorite stone, according to Nat Geo. They appear to be rolling on the surface of their bodies because they are so near to the chest.

It is crucial to guarantee that skills are held within the natural life. For example, otters with short claws must know how to utilize them to eat and therefore peel mollusks, extricate crabs from their shells, or open the corpses of other food.

The oscillatory movement that otters make with the stone is thought to help them maintain their nails sharp; nevertheless, this is only one of several views about the function that stone might play in the otter’s behavioral development.


Mari-Lisa Allison, a biologist, says there isn’t enough data to back up this notion. He arrived to this conclusion after observing the behavior of wild otters in captivity for a period of time as part of a study he conducted with his team for The Royal Society.