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Thanks To A Lovely Puppy, A Calf Born On A Frozen Lake Survives

If there’s one thing we can learn from these little creatures, it’s how to communicate and appreciate one another while putting differences aside. Something that makes us think of a cow and a puppy that have had a wonderful connection since the first day they met.

The calf was saved from a freezing lake on the verge of death, and now his story has a happy ending thanks to the involvement of a family. The puppy is one of the household pets, and he has decided to take an active role in the recuperation of his future best buddy.

The calf was born on a frozen lake in Derbyshire, England, and was saved by Graham Oliver, Heidi, and their two boys Tom and Dougie. The family realized that if nothing was done, the small calf would perish from hypothermia. They sprang right into the rescue without hesitation. Heidi had this to say about it:

“We couldn’t get her out because she was so protective of her mother.” The local fire department had summoned a large animal rescue team, but while they were on their way, Graham and Tom tried to divert attention away from mom and haul her out of the water with a bulldozer bucket.”

Fortunately, the operation went well, and they were able to put an end to his suffering. However, it was only the beginning of her new existence; the days after his rescue were difficult.

The family brought the calf home to clean and warm it, but when they attempted to return it to its mother, she rejected it and even attempted to murder it.

“We took the calf to the parlor to be hand reared, and we utilized quads to get in and out rapidly.” Because she refused to drink milk, she received her first colostrum feeding through a stomach tube. She became weaker the next day. Penelope was introduced to a temporary surrogate mother by a nearby farmer. We continued blending the surrogate milk with the formula after she accepted the milk until Penelope took a bottle,” Heidi explained.

Algernon, the family’s Labrador dog, attended Penelope throughout this procedure and began to care for her to the point where he helped feed her with a bottle.

“Our black lab, Algernon, couldn’t help himself and enjoys assisting with bottle feedings.” Penelope has her own bed, and he sleeps close to her to protect her.”

The young calf has formed a magnificent link with his canine companion; there is no difference in species between them, simply a willingness to help and offer each other endless affection.

Penelope is so adorable that not only does Algernon succumb to her charms, but so does Wilberforce, the family’s other dog. They play together, and she even allows herself be licked gently.

The family is now loving this small calf, treating it as if it were a new member, and while they are unsure what they will do as it grows up, they trust that they will do their best. Heidi made the following points in this regard:

“I’m not sure what the future plans are — his horns will grow and he won’t be able to pass through the front door, so we’ll have to start preparing now.” We’re considering incorporating it with the llamas. In any case, she became friends with the kids, pets, and everyone else.”