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They Capture Three Vigilant Lovebirds Opening The Cages Of The Entire Neighborhood And It Goes Viral

People have always banded together to fight for their independence throughout human history, and it appears that three little parrots in Spain have made the decision to do the same now. When she posted her post, a Twitter user created a stir.

Three stunning parakeets from the “inseparable” species, or Agapornis Selby, were spotted hanging out in the yard of the Spanish tweeter @nouledgecos, who goes by the handle @nouledgecos. Additionally, she was unsure of its origin.

The first thought that crossed his mind was the worry that the little creatures would go lost. They were three magnificent down coats in various colors that gave the idea of being completely helpless. He instantly supported them fully, fed them, and kept an eye on them.

He made the decision to post the tale on his account in order to see if the owners showed up. She apparently wasn’t the only one who had observed them; neighbors had been seeing them for a while as they walked about gathering food. However, what most shocked her was the objective that the three friends accomplished with passion.

“We believed they were lost, yet the contrary is true. These three have been visiting locations with lovebird cages for a month in my city in an attempt to unlock them, the amused user said.

From that point on, additional Internet users started talking about their interactions with the trio, whom many had seen walking aimlessly and dubbed the “release squad” due to their efforts to rescue the imprisoned birds.

@nouledgecos said, “A coworker informed us that they are renowned in her area as “THE LIBERATION SQUAD” when we showed her the photo.

Some people had a very good idea of who they were and how they went about executing their brilliant plan to accomplish their goal. They were well-organized, and each one assumed their place to act when the time was right.

Yellow is the new one, which seems extremely cute but will hide among the bananas to attack, according to user @jade png, who added that “Blue looks the oldest and wisest, green is an expert in unlocking small doors, and yellow is the new one.”

Photos of the naughty team of parrots were added to the amusing narrative that went viral on social media, and each user continues to add to the clever stories, adding comedy and gaining the trio’s current notoriety.

Everyone is anticipating the new experiences that the courageous members of the squad will bring while also hoping that they will not have the unfortunate choice of moving into a home with pet cats for their own good.