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This Cute Little Mouse Was Enjoying The View From His Sweet New Ride

G and her boyfriend were in their car one day taking to each other. But suddenly they realized that a little mouse was standing in the front of their car.

At first they got shocked and a bit confused.

“He seemed like he was just chilling, exploring the windshield and hood area,” G (who asked that her full name not be included) told The Dodo. “I don’t think he realized there were humans inside his ride.”

Actually the mouse was really enjoying standing there. G has said that at first was stunned but she really liked the mouse.

“He seemed to have crawled up from a compartment under the windshield wipers below the hood, but it was separate from the engine compartment,” G said. “We opened the hood later and checked the nooks and crannies for a nest, but didn’t find anything, so the mouse probably wasn’t in there for very long before we drove to the store.”

The couple wanted the mouse to be safe. But he made it to his destination but seemed grateful for the help.

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