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They Capture A Caregiver Dressed In Stripes So That The Orphaned Zebra Does Not Miss Her Mother So Much

The presence of a mother is crucial for the growth and development of a child, however in the animal realm, many young animals become orphans when their moms are killed by predators or harmed by callous people.

This is the story of Diria, a charming zebra with a troubled background who only had a short time with her mother before she was slain by a pride of lions.

Fortunately, the little calf was able to flee the assault and find safety with a group of goats. She was taken care of by a group of herders for the first several days before being sent to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Voi Reintegration Unit.

Since then, the staff members have provided her the care she needs and gone above and beyond to make sure that tiny Diria doesn’t miss her mother.

These men wear black and white striped clothes in an effort to pass as surrogate moms in order to make the orphaned calves feel protected and secure.

A representative of the company said:

We made identically striped jackets that Guardians may wear while on zebra duty so Diria can print as nature intended, without growing overly connected to any one person, as zebra foals in the natural print their mother’s striped pattern.

From the moment the baby zebra came, the carers made an effort to make them feel at home and close to their mother. They were eager to return to them the life and love they deserve.

The caretakers add that this is not the first time they have worn striped suits in this context:

Details like these assist them to flourish as newborns and eventually reintegrate back into the wild, and we have successfully utilized this strategy with numerous orphaned zebras over the years.

Despite being left an orphan, Diria does not grieve the death of her mother as keenly as she could because of the wonderful work of the carers.

She now benefits from all the care that these kind men are providing, but eventually she will be let loose in a wild setting.