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Fawn Rejected By His Mother For Being Different Gets Another Chance

After his mother rejected him because he was different-looking, a fawn faced the difficult task of growing up away from his mother.

It’s probable that you’ve heard that being different is natural for us all; however, this does not necessarily apply in the animal realm, where being different might be a sign of weakness for some species.

This was the situation with Dragon, a little white-faced fawn who had to deal with his mother’s rejection from the minute he was born.

Dragon’s mother may have thought his physical abnormalities made him appear weak and so less likely to survive in the wild.

The fawn was born with piebald, a blotchy pattern with huge regions of unpigmented hair, feathers, or scales, generally white, on their bodies.

This asymmetrical alternating color pattern is irregular. The underlying genetic cause is leucism, a disorder that affects many people.

Dragon’s mother, for whatever reason, was preoccupied with raising her other children, leaving him to fend for himself in the wild.

Despite the fact that the fawn’s face is totally white, giving it a highly attractive and almost tempting aspect to the beholding human eye, its mother did not share this opinion.

There might be a cause for the fawn’s mother’s rejection, according to Hilary of Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, Missouri. She had this to say about it:

“The white makes it stick out and makes it difficult to hide from predators; it also lacks the ability to hear or sight like a regular deer, making it unable to follow predators.”

The young fawn was fortunately saved from the wild and now has a new life.

According to research, only around a tenth of a percent of the deer population is born with a white face, therefore Dragon’s situation is quite unusual.

To yet, Dragon has grown in leaps and bounds and is loving all of the care that his rescuers provide him, but this does not rule out the possibility of future issues.

Hilary’s son christened the deer and called it Dragon because it would require strength to live.