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Dog Is Rescued In Time From The Dog Meat Trade After Being Taken From His Family

After witnessing this video of a man rescue a distressed female dog that was going to become dog meat in Cambodia, faith in mankind has been restored. The horrifying conditions inside a Cambodian slaughterhouse, where a family’s pet narrowly spared death after being kidnapped from them to pay a family debt, are seen in horrifying video.

After her owner borrowed £2,600 to settle gambling debts, the proprietor of a slaughterhouse adopted the 7-year-old canine known as “Mongrel Noun.”

The Sounds of Animals founder Michael Chor was called by Noun’s family to assist in saving her before she was slaughtered for her flesh.

Michael arrived in Cambodia from Thailand and discovered her tied inside a bag and tethered to a fence near the slaughterhouse.

The graphic pictures depict skinned, killed, and cooked animals being casually offered to market attendees along with their severed remains.

In order to prevent Noun from biting any of the slaughterhouse employees, his teeth were shattered. This, combined with keeping the animals underfed and dehydrated, is allegedly a widespread procedure.

She was given vitamins and medication to heal the illness after being rescued, and she will also get microchipped and any necessary immunizations.

Michael remarked:

“Noun was the family pet, and the kids adored her to pieces. When we had Noun, we phoned them to let them know she was safe because she had lived with them her entire life. The kids wept with delight that her cherished cat had not been put to death.

“The slaughterhouse was filthy; there were dog body parts all over the floor; workers were boiling dogs; they were also discarding the remains of dead dogs on the ground. The living dogs stayed in a cage at the back of the slaughterhouse while hundreds of dogs were killed and processed each day.”