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Rare Brown Panda Bullied For His Fur Gets Finally Adopted

Meet a very rare brown giant panda named Qizai. He is so special because of his fur.

These kinds of pandas are considered to be a different sub-species from those found in other mountain ranges.

But how it is possible for Qizai to have brown-and-white fur?

Some scientists say that it’s because of genetic basis, possible a combination of genes or a dilution factor gene.

What interesting is the fact that Qizai’s mom was black and white.

Qizai has had a pretty tough life as a baby. He was bullied because of his different fur. Other pandas used to steal away his bamboo. Poor Qizai.

But now he has to be happy because got adopted by a charity organization named Pandas International.

He is so adorable and lovely. Isn’t he?