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The 18 Dogs Had Apparently Been “Rescued” By A Priest Who Had Them Tied Up Without Eating Or Drinking

The city council of a town in Romania called the Barking Mad Dog Rescue team, an animal rescue organization, and requested that they keep an eye on a pack of dogs that were in a church courtyard. They were a little perplexed and unsure of what to anticipate.

Nothing could have prepared the two volunteers the rescue center assigned to assess the issue for what they discovered next.

The animals were unable to lie down due to the extremely small chains that were uncomfortably anchored around their necks. They lacked both water and food. Even though it was clear that they had been mistreated, the dogs’ faces lighted up when they spotted their rescuers because they were so happy to finally meet some familiar faces.

Gea, team leader for Barking Mad Dog Rescue, told The Dodo :

“They literally hugged us when they saw us.”

They had all reportedly been “rescued” from the streets by a religious priest, but he had no idea how to take care of them. He said that he only fed them on Mondays and Thursdays when questioned whether he was feeding them.

All 18 dogs were obviously very hungry and in need of affection. Rescuers made the decision to find a way to accommodate all 18 canines despite not knowing if the rescue facility had the resources or the necessary space.