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Stork Flies Thousands Of Miles Every Year Just To See His Injured Soul Mate

If you don’t believe in real love, the touching story of these two storks may persuade you otherwise.

Klepetan, a male stork, migrates to South Africa at the end of August, leaving behind his female spouse, Malena, and their meager residence – a snug nest on a red rooftop of a house.

During the fall and winter months, Malena is alone in the little Croatian village without Klepetan’s company.

But every March, as has been the case for the previous 15 years, Klepetan comes from the balmy south to rejoin with Malena.

While storks may not always marry for life, they do prefer to return to the same nests and mating partners, which explains Klepetan’s steadfast devotion.

Klepetan astonished everyone this year, including Stjepan Voki, who has been caring for the storks since they first met on his home’s rooftop. Klepetan arrived a week sooner than anticipated.