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The San Diego Zoo Is Amazed To Announce The Coming Of A Golden Takin

Bona and Zhao’s child, Mei Ling, was born on April 14th. The young calf stood up an hour after being born, despite her shaky legs.

Her appearance has the zookeepers ecstatic. This is because this female calf is the Western Hemisphere’s first golden takin to be born.

With each passing day, the calf becomes more at ease. She may be seen having fun with her parents and learning to walk on rough terrain. The Himalayas are the species’ natural habitat.

“This is a species most people have never heard of, let alone seen,” says Tammy Batson, the wildlife keeper. People don’t care about what they don’t know, according to my theory. You can’t do it. If I can offer you a cause to care, you’ll be able to make good choices.”

Golden takins eat primarily bamboo and other plants. As a result, they roam far and wide, something to which they have adapted admirably. In addition, they have thick coats that keep them warm in frigid settings.

Takins are divided into four distinct subspecies. As a result, their coats range in color from yellow to brown.

The species has been designated as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

They, like giant pandas, are seen as national treasures in China.

Furthermore, the small child is wearing a brown coat, which is typically worn for camouflage.

Mei Ling will develop her own set of horns that bend backward after she has reached the age of six months.

Takins are related to sheep, and they do look extremely large sheep.