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Family Abandons Their Dog For “Ugly” But Doctors And Their Rescuers Transformed Their Lives

After being left by his owners, Bjarni, a really cute small dog, was discovered wandering the streets of Houston, Texas. Rescuers from him gathered enough money to have reconstructive surgery done on him despite the fact that he was losing half of his nose.

When an animal control agency tried to return him to his owners, they realized they didn’t really want him there longer and had to take him to a nearby shelter instead. Bjarni’s family was informed that he may be put to death, but they had no interest in that occurring. They were put off by his appearance and were unwilling to learn more about him.

The founder of St. Francis’ Angels, an animal rescue organization with offices in Texas, Anne Graber, was contacted by the shelter’s personnel.

Source: St. Francis’ Angels

Mrs. Graber accepted him without any hesitation and pledged to do all in her power to restore his face to health. She also vowed to shower him with affection until she found him a new home that truly merited her companionship.

Graber declared:

His actions suggest that he needs more confidence and that the majority of his interactions with people have not been positive.

Source: St. Francis’ Angels

“Based on the bite marks on his body, he looks to have been engaged in multiple dog attacks, which is hard to believe given how great he is. Even the bossiest and most vicious dogs in our vicinity would have been won over by him. He prefers a comfy bed and “toys” and dislikes spending a lot of time outside.

This young puppy struggled to breathe and eat because of a malformation in his snout, yet he never ceased being incredibly affectionate with everyone.

Source: St. Francis’ Angels

The procedure to repair his nose was a total success. Before his operation, $5100.00 was raised for his medical expenses thanks to the generosity of kindhearted individuals.

Bjarni was able to make a full recovery, and his life substantially improved. He even discovered the ideal place for himself to live.

Source: St. Francis’ Angels