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“He Thinks He Is Just Another Chick” – A Duckling Hatches From The Egg That A Hen Was Taking Care Of

They claim that nothing compares to a mother’s instinct, but the intriguing tale of a hen demonstrates that nature also provides us with wonderful examples of love.

Caleb and Courtney Sugarman have always had a deep affection for farm animals. When they had enough room, they made the decision to expand their family by bringing in three hens and six adult ducks.

The hens and ducklings didn’t appear particularly eager to be buddies for the first several months. They all remained in their own parts of the farm, but it appears that a chicken was able to take a duck egg.

Courtney was astonished to see that one of her chickens continued to care for and preserve something that was obviously not one of hers since she understood how to recognize the eggs of each of these creatures.

We had the impression that nothing would happen and that the duckling would never hatch, according to Courtney.

The hen had a strong mother instinct, and soon after, she was discovered tending to six more of her own eggs.

When the eggs started to hatch after many weeks, the Sugarmans made the decision to relocate the devoted mother to a warmer area indoors.

They all began hatching, and when Courtney and her family returned an hour later, they discovered that a duckling had also born.

The duckling felt certain he belonged with the family. He eventually outgrew his adoring adoptive mother and grew far more quickly than his “little brothers.”