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Dog Shows His Dad How Proud He Is Of His Stick Collection

Meet Bruce, a happy-go-lucky golden retriever that treasures his sticks beyond anything else.

He’s also a bit of a hoarder.


After a bizarre accident with a stick placed him in the hospital two years ago, Bruce is only allowed to play fetch with rubber toys. However, he still values the genuine article.

“Despite his injuries, Bruce’s passion for sticks has only developed into a wonderful collection,” Bruce’s father, Leo Icenhour, told The Dodo. “He takes satisfaction in gathering sticks of various shapes and sizes from our backyard and planting them in front of our front door, checking on them everyday as we come and leave.”


After a winter blizzard buried his favorite stick beneath a foot of snow, Bruce began collecting sticks. When he awoke, it was gone, and he was distraught.

“The night it started snowing, he had put his favorite stick outside,” Icenhour explained. “The next day, Bruce was in complete distress since he couldn’t locate his stick or even see the ground.”


Bruce dug holes and stuck his head in the snow as he scoured the yard for his beloved stick. When the weather warmed up, the dog finally got a respite.

“He was eventually able to dig around and recover his stick when the snow partially melted,” Icenhour added. “That was the most triumphant I’ve ever seen him.”

He went on to say, “I believe he started the collection because he never wants to feel the terror of being without a stick again.”