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The Beautiful Smile Of A Dog In A Shelter Captivated Hundreds Of People Through Social Networks And Thanks To This She Found A Forever Home

Thanks to the fact that this video stood out among the most viewed on Facebook, she is now part of a forever home in which they decided to call her Layla.

The shelter posted:

“Our smiley girl has found her permanent home! She now has a family to share all her happiness with. Thank you to her new family for adopting our bundle of joy.”

She is now a member of a forever home where they chose the name Layla because this video was one of the most watched on Facebook.

The shelter advertised:

Our cheerful girl has located her forever home! She has a family now to share her joy with. We appreciate her new family taking in our little delight.

IG: beaumont_animal_care

Users on social networks made encouraging remarks right away.

A single of them posted on Instagram:

This video is so adorable that I’m in tears. She significantly improved a difficult day. I’m happy that she will be going to a nice home.

Those who learned about her adoption also shared their joy:

It’s great, and I’m sure she’ll have the finest life possible now.

IG: beaumont_animal_care