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Two Frozen Puppies Abandoned Inside A Box Get Help Just In Time

In his neighborhood, a man was passing by a vacant lot when he discovered an open box that hadn’t been there before. He was astonished to see two little puppies inside, frozen in the utterly frigid conditions, unresponsive, and dehydrated. For some reason, he felt driven to reach out and check inside.

He quickly transported the babies to the KC Pet Project, an animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri, in the hopes that they could assist, even though he had no clue if it was already too late to save the puppies.

KC Pet Project

According to Tori Fugate, the KC Pet Project’s head of marketing and communications, to The Dodo:

When they arrived to us, they were in terrible shape. They needed quick care, so we hurried them to our veterinary hospital. Their little bodies were cold and they were very dehydrated. Hours were spent by our personnel providing them with drinks and keeping them warm.

KC Pet Project

The crew immediately started working to save the puppies while knowing their odds of life were extremely small.

Although the 3-week-old puppies appeared to be doing better as a result of the rescue center staff’s best attempts to warm them up and return their body temperatures to normal, they were still concerned that they wouldn’t survive.

KC Pet Project

So, in case they need more care, one of the staff members drove them home at night. By morning, both puppies had much improved, shocking and delighting everyone with their development.

KC Pet Project

Torii stated:

“They were able to eat, and they got back to normal. They nearly took a bath in the oatmeal we fed them in the afternoon since they were so hungry. We’re thrilled!”

Everyone at the rescue center is happy that these tiny ones survived despite all chances because it is still unclear who might have abandoned them in such a horrible fashion.

KC Pet Project