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Ostrich Cuddles Baby Elephants To Make Them Feel Better After Losing Their Mothers

When Jotto arrived at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage and rescue facility in Kenya, he was just a one-month-old baby elephant. The newborn elephant was rescued from a hole in which he had fallen and been separated from his herd. His rescuers cared for him in the hopes of reintroducing him to the wild, but they had no idea that he would bond with a kindly orphaned ostrich and the two would become great friends.

Pea the ostrich was rescued in the middle of an elephant calf rescue mission. The orphanage’s caregivers also returned with two tiny ostriches in need of care.

Facebook/ Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Pea chose to stay with the elephants and other animals within the orphanage. The ostrich appears to consider himself a member of the elephant herd, engaging in games and lengthy walks with his new family, and forming a strong relationship with tiny elephant Jotto in particular.

Facebook/ Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

On Facebook, the rescue center wrote:

“It’s reasonable to assume that orphaned ostrich Pea believes he’s a member of the elephant herd, and Jotto is more than delighted to snuggle with his feathery pal. Beautifully emotional moments in the Nairobi nursery, where these two orphans, along with many others, are given the chance to rehabilitate and, when ready, return to nature.”

Facebook/ Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Pea adores caring for the baby elephants and typically gives them long cuddles and games. She treats them as if they are her offspring and wraps her wings over them like a mother.

On its social media pages, the rescue center wrote:

“Pea and Pod ostriches like playing’mother hen’ with newborn elephants, despite their species’ differences.”

Facebook/ Sheldrick Wildlife Trust