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The Viral Photo Of The Homeless Puppy Who Clung To His Teddy Bear

A few years ago, an image of a dog from Houston, Texas, holding onto a teddy bear while being photographed on the street moved the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

The image was taken by Yvette Holzbach, who also works as a volunteer for Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward, an animal rescue group.

When she initially saw the situation, the lady felt she should take the dog to the animal shelter, but it was already full and there was no room, and when she went back to seek for the dog again, she was unable to locate him anywhere.

On her Facebook page, Yvette wrote that her first thought upon seeing the dog curled up with the shredded and torn plush toy was, “Oh, how cute that is.” But then she reflected, How awful, a dog left behind attempting to find solace in a tattered plush animal.

When others learned about the dog’s predicament, they showed their worry. Some commended the mother for caring after the puppy, who reportedly had nothing except his toy to feel a bit less alone. Others, however, asserted that she did not bring him to her home.

Yvette views animal abandonment as a sad and serious issue, thus in response to criticism, she stated the following:

“We can feed up to 50 stray dogs on a feeding route. The unfortunate truth is that there are not enough foster homes to place these dogs, therefore we are lucky if we can save one of those 50 canines.

In her hunt, Yvette discovered an 89-year-old guy who recognized Teddy from her photos and gave the dog the name Teddy in honor of her cuddly pet. He, along with numerous other dogs, were fed by the man.

Yvette Rescuer

Yvette reported:

This dog was one of several that he had taken in over the years from the 5th Ward’s streets. He formerly kept up to 20 animals in his backyard.

Unfortunately, Teddy had a habit of running away from the yard, and one day he just vanished. Even though they tried everything to locate him but were unable, Yvette and this man developed a close friendship.

The other animals owned by Mr. Calvis were castrated and fed thanks to Yvette and her group, and two of them even received treatment for a delicate infection.