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The Owner Of This Restaurant In Peru Has Been Preparing Free Food For A While For Every Homeless Dog He Meets

Since five years ago, a very rare and uncommon customer has visited Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant, Ajilalo. An abandoned dog that was wandering the streets made the decision to halt at the restaurant’s entrance. His touching expression revealed that he was in dire need of food at the time.

Gerardo was able to politely decline the stray dog, but he decided to give the exhausted animal a great free lunch that was specially prepared for him. The man subsequently began a sweet custom that is being practiced today. The dog receives a free supper every day from Gerardo’s restaurant after that.


Many homeless canines are currently stopping by Gerardo’s restaurant, some of them are frequent patrons and others who are just passing through. Of course, they all share a similar experience in that they are all able to sate their hunger thanks to the delectable meal that the kind guy provides for them.


The man always finds himself peering into the face of a new dog while he is working, waiting expectantly to see whether the rumor that he may receive a free supper there is true.


Your human clients are ecstatic about what the proprietor of their favorite restaurant is doing. They are sometimes even motivated by their acts to bring food for visiting stray dogs.

To The Dodo, Gerardo said:

They are the best customers, in my opinion. Thankfully, our customers have responded favorably to the dogs. They have warm feelings towards them.


Gerard promises:

“They don’t give us money; instead, they reward us with their happiness and tail-wagging. They are quite appreciative, and we prefer to give than to receive. I’ve loved animals ever since I was a young child. My mother instilled in us the value of helping both humans and animals. She serves as my model.”