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Chubby Owl Was Rescued Because He Couldn’t Fly, He Was Found In A Ditch And They Thought He Was Injured, His Only Problem Was Being Overweight

Early in January, a Wet Owl was discovered in a ditch by a pedestrian near Saxmundham, England. When the onlooker approached, he did not attempt to flee, so the onlooker thought that he was hurt and could not fly.

When this individual made the decision to seek assistance from the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, rescuers made the choice to transport the bird there for inspection.

The rescuers initially believed that the bird’s inability to fly was due to being wet or having an injury, but after doing many tests, they discovered that the bird’s issue was obesity.

Image | Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

On Facebook, Suffolk Owl Sanctuary posted:

“Typically, in these situations, we presume that the owl has some sort of ailment preventing it from flying; occasionally, becoming wet also causes them to become trapped. You can only imagine how shocked we were to see that he was simply enormously fat when we checked him!

The sanctuary gave the Owl the moniker “Plump,” and it weighed nearly half a pound, which is remarkable for a bird of this kind, which generally weighs a third of a pound.

It was determined that he was unable to fly because of his weight and the fat deposits that were discovered on his body.

Image | Suffolk Owl Sanctuary

Her legs and abdomen, in particular, had a noticeable layer of fat just beneath the skin, according to Rufus Samkin, a falconer at the refuge, who spoke to The Dodo. A wild owl being thus considerably obese is a bit rare.

The group of rescuers began an investigation to try to find the cause of his obesity, but they concluded that it was natural obesity.

The owl clearly benefited from the relatively mild winter, the abundance of food, and the presence of field mice in the area where Plump resided.