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A Veteran Who Needs A Service Dog Was Struggling To Find A Job, Until This Store Employed Them Both

A disabled veteran who has to have his service dog around was struggling to find a job – until hardware store Lowe’s employed both the man and the pooch! The cutest four-legged hardware store assistant ever is there not only to bring joy to the customers, but primarily for the veteran’s “medical alert and mobility.” One woman took a picture of them at work, both wearing Lowe’s employee vests (yes, the dog has one too) and it went viral. However, the veteran’s story is no less touching.

The attacks on the World Trade Center shook Clay Luthy so much that in January 2002 he joined the Air Force. After his training, he became a loadmaster who transported cargo all over the world, including Afghanistan and Iraq. Things changed for Luthy when he got both of his knees injured and had to undergo five knee surgeries over four years.

For the past 6 years, Luthy had worked as a handyman, until he got his left knee rebuilt and couldn’t kneel anymore. That’s when he needed a new career, and his wife suggested trying out Lowe’s. “She told me ‘you’re there every day. You might as well get paid for it,’” Luthy told KTXS.

Luthy says Charlotte loves the attention she gets at the hardware store. “Charlotte is extra special,” says Luthy. “She knows the difference between her service vest and her Lowe’s vest.” It’s true that the pooch can be cuddly and playful with the customers, but she’ll always be there for Luthy when he needs her.