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Dog Waited For Four Years In The Same Place Until He Found His Family

Unconditional affection and loyalty were displayed by a lost puppy in Thailand who waited for his beloved folks on the side of a road in Mueang district for four years.

The dog, who the locals called Leo, came one day while his family was on vacation, and he slipped out of the car without anybody noticing.

Anuchit Uncharoen, a guy who saw Leo walking about on the road, recently shared his tale and some of his images. He was given food there, and a 45-year-old lady called Saowalak Pinnuchawet recounted him the tale of the puppy’s long wait for them to pick him up.

Anuchit Uncharoen

Leo was skinny and covered with mange, so Mrs. Pinnuchawet stated she attempted several times to take him home but he always retreated and returned to the road.

Leo wouldn’t leave that location, so the lady made the decision to bring him food every day. When she is busy, she is in charge of delegating this responsibility to a family member.

Many people were moved by Leo’s tale, which was extensively shared online in an effort to track down his family.

Anuchit Uncharoen

This is how some individuals were able to get in touch with Anuchit Uncharoen and say that Leo was the same puppy as her dog BonBon who had been lost nearby four years prior.

Anuchit Uncharoen

The dog’s adoptive father, Noi, claimed that they had stopped at a service station over the holidays and noticed BonBon was no longer in the car. They stayed there for a week looking for him but were unsuccessful in finding him.

Anuchit Uncharoen

The family was stunned to learn the puppy’s tale online because they had assumed he had died.

BonBon was overjoyed when they finally caught up with him, but he resisted going with them when they tried to put him in the car.

Anuchit Uncharoen