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Homeless Man Is Dubbed ‘Guardian Angel’ After Rescuing 16 Animals

Heroes without capes may be found everywhere and at any time; they are always eager to provide a hand to people in need and never ask for anything in return; they do it out of a sense of neighborly love.

Fortunately, Keith Walker, a homeless guy who was arriving at the scene when he discovered what was happening and ran to save all the inmates of the house, arrived just in time to put out an animal shelter fire in Atalanta, Georgia, which nearly killed many dogs and cats.

On December 18, the event happened as Mr. Walker was about to pick up his pit bull dog, Bravo, for a walk.

Facebook/Grace Hamlin

He entered the W-Underdogs shelter in Atlanta, Georgia, right away, risking his life, and removed a total of 16 animals after spotting a fire in the kitchen.

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A nonprofit group called W-Underdogs saves animals from all kinds of perilous situations. No one was there when the fire broke out because workers were gathering supplies and contributions.

Fortunately, Mr. Walker helped out where he could during the situation, removing 6 dogs and 10 trapped cats.

Facebook/Grace Hamlin

53-year-old Keith, who has lived without a house since he was 13, said CNN:

“With all that smoke, I was really hesitant to enter. God, however, sent me there to protect those creatures. You can love anyone in the world if you can love a dog.

Facebook/Grace Hamlin

Added him:

“I wouldn’t be here without my dog, who is my greatest friend, therefore I realized I had to help all those other dogs,” the speaker said.

Facebook/Grace Hamlin