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Woman Spends The Night At The Shelter Comforting This Dog So He Doesn’t Feel Lonely

Having been found abandoned in a Philadelphia park by a college student, Watson had been residing at a 24-hour vet clinic. He had a large malignant tumor on his back leg, was malnourished, and was covered in infected sores.

When Watson first met Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, her look told it all.

Janine said to The Dodo:

“His eyes were the first feature I noticed about him. He appeared worn out and prepared to give up the battle.

Watson tragically lost his battle to cancer. It was evident by the time Watson was brought to the shelter that all he needed was someone to sit with him. Attempting to keep him comfortable was all they could do at the time, so Janine did.

She uttered:

“I had a feeling that the next day wouldn’t be nice. She didn’t want to abandon him on his own. Not when he most needed me.

Janine made a bed out of blankets and pillows that night in the laundry area of the rescue center, where she slept next to Watson while giving him hugs and quietly speaking to him.

Janine spent the entire evening with the dying dog, who eventually fell asleep.

Janine remarked:

He was so closely pressed against me that he slept like a rock the entire night. I wept myself to sleep and again when I woke up.

Watson slept well in the arms of someone he loved for the first time in who knows how long. But the dog was even more worn out when Janine awoke the next morning. He refused to eat or drink, started spinning in circles, and eventually died.

Despite the short time Janine knew Watson, she will never forget the effect he made on her that evening. Watson undoubtedly appreciated Janine’s kind gesture as well, given the life he had had.