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When A Man Starts Working, He Discovers A Little Sleeping Creature In His Headphones

For Reddit member Soulhacler, the day started off like any other. He plugged in his headphones and switched on his computer. That’s when he recognized something wasn’t quite right: there was a hairy creature in his ear.

Overnight, a little animal had climbed inside his headset, deciding it was the ideal spot for a nap.


Soulhacler didn’t even see the animal since his fur mixed in so nicely with his headphones.

“Its fur was incredibly silky,” Soulhacler told The Dodo. “It felt like a cat’s fur rubbing against your ear.” “I had no idea what it could have been, and when I first looked, I mistook it for a mouse.”


Soulhacler recognized the small animal was actually a bat when he studied his headphones.

“It must have entered through the roof in some way,” Soulhacler remarked, despite the fact that the workplace is new. “I know that bats migrate, so it probably came into the office building for a break.”


When it came to assisting his new teammate, Soulhacler was remarkably calm. He let the small bat wake up naturally on his desk and crawl around for a while before directing him into a cardboard box. Aside from being a bit dehydrated, the bat appeared to be in good health.

“I also learnt that bats don’t have the ability to fly like birds,” Soulhacler added. “It must lift off from a dangling downward position in order to fly.” To take flight, they must be at least 2 to 3 feet above the ground, perched on a tree or limb.”


Soulhacler and his employees contacted local bat conservation organizations until one agreed to take the stray bat in. Soulhacler had no intention of assisting an animal on that particular day, but the bat had definitely chosen the appropriate headphones for his pit stop.