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Heartwarming Hidden Camera Footage Shows Cat Meowing For Its Owner

People are spending more time with their pets as a result of Covid-19’s isolation measures, which is deepening their attachment with them. As was the case with Ida Myrin, who was taken aback when she saw her cat through a concealed camera searching the home for her after she gone out for a few minutes.

He was touched by the actions of the cat named Isola, but he was also concerned since the lady no longer feels capable of leaving him alone.

After being shared on social media last month, the devastating photographs went viral and sparked a flood of responses.


Isola is a three-year-old ragdoll who has been a member of Ida’s family since she was 12 weeks old.

It’s worth noting that the woman who left her home in Varmland, Sweden, stayed outdoors for half an hour, which was enough to make the cat nervous.


According to Ida, who spoke to the Daily Star,

“At first, we thought it was sweet, but when we realized it didn’t stop, we were disappointed.”

The kitten can be seen meowing and hunting for her down the corridor with her leash in a video caught by a hidden camera, as though thinking “where the heck have you gone?”

Given these remarks, the woman said that the cat frequently adopts a “complaining” and mournful tone, making it impossible to determine whether it was weeping. But, given his dislike of alone, it’s likely he was.

According to Bored Panda, the woman stated that Isola is spoilt, lethargic, and very affectionate, so he is always asking for attention and meows when he doesn’t get it.


ida remarked:

“He wanders around a lot so he can see the two of us, and he enjoys a nice embrace.”

The cat has always felt extremely connected to his family, but owing to his solitude, he has become accustomed to having someone nearby at all times.


Some readers recommended that Ida get another feline to keep Isola company, but the lady responded that she already had one, and that she was taking him to the clinic when she left home.


The good news is that the cat did not have to wait long for his mother, however he will have to get used to being alone in the future if the circumstance occurs.