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Dog Feels For The First Time Baby’s Kick In Mom’s Belly And Was So Happy And Enthusiastic, He Couldn’t Contain Joy

Dog named Goose is so happy to be rescued after being found tied to a pole. Now Goose is so thrilled and grateful to be given a second chance.

Also he loves his pregnant mom so much.

“Ever since I got pregnant he has been a little bit more attached to me,” Megan, Goose’s mom, said in a video on TikTok. “He is constantly laying with me, laying on my belly [and] booping my belly with his nose.”

Goose used to rest his head on mom’s belly and felt good. Suddenly, dog felt baby’s kick and was so surprised.

He was in shock and happy at the same time. Finally he met the newborn named Ivy. He loves Ivy so much and wants to take care of the baby.