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A Dog That Is Unable To Walk Is Given Skis To Use While Playing In The Snow

A dog with a disability brought on by sickness has been given a set of skis so she may frolic in the snow and move around with ease. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) was discovered in Molly, a year old dachshund, in 2015.

IVDD is a condition when the spinal cord’s space is crowded or compressed by the cushioning discs between the vertebrae. The spinal cord’s nerves are then compressed by these discs, resulting in excruciating agony and permanent nerve damage.


It’s sad that Molly experienced Molly’s disease’s paralysis, which rendered her unable to move her rear legs.

Susan Freeman and her family made the decision to aid Molly by making her a wheelchair since they were aware that this would not be an obstacle.


In addition to living a typical life and getting around with ease in her wheelchair, Molly doesn’t appear to be aware that she is different from her siblings.

Molly finds it challenging to move since she and her family reside in Canada, where the winters are bitterly harsh and snowy.


The difficulty Molly had maneuvering in her wheelchair in the snow caused her family to search for a solution. After generating several ideas, they decided that a set of skis would improve Molly’s movement in the snow.


Susan told The Dodo :

We started looking for skis to aid her because the first winter was quite difficult for her.

Her family wanted to ensure that the dog continued to enjoy taking walks and playing in the snow.