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When A Mother Dog Is Separated From Her Puppies And Abandoned At A Shelter, She Begins To Cry Loudly

Cinnamon, a 7-year-old brown pit bull, was placed at a shelter and her eyes welled up with tears. Sarah Jennings Sleime, a Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control volunteer, was heartbroken when she came upon the poor little dog who had just given birth to a litter of puppies that had been removed from her.

Sarah said:

“Someone abandoned this unfortunate lady in the shelter, with the exception of her children.” Her eyes welled up with tears every time I stopped to talk to her and apologize (check out the reaction at 0:13 second). Piercing!”.

More than 1,500 people have seen the Cinnamon scenario. I was hoping that after witnessing Sarah’s video on social media, an accredited rescue group, family, friends, or social media contacts would come to her aid.

Credit: Sarah Jennings Sleime

Sarah continued:

«She’s also quite sweet.» She waited patiently for a leash and wagged her tail when a volunteer came to take her for a stroll.

Cinnamon didn’t have to wait much longer, as a loving family chose to give her a second opportunity, and she will never be sad again.

Credit: Sarah Jennings Sleime

Sarah shared the following on Facebook:

From tears to victory… Cinnamon has found a new home! Take a look at how content he is with his new family. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experiences. Now go find a Cinnamon at your local shelter and spread the love.”

Cinnamon’s story comes to a pleasant conclusion. However, not all dogs in shelters have the same luck; many are sacrificed because they do not find a home quickly enough, so remember to adopt rather than purchase.