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This Dog Hadn’t Seen His Family For A Long Time, After Going Blind From Diabetes, But He Watches His Reaction When He Can See Them Again

One sense that is occasionally taken for granted is sight. How would you explain the color red, for instance, to someone who is blind? There is some optimism, though. Those who are blind and are candidates for eye surgery may be able to restore their sight.

Even better, animals can regain their sight as well as humans! admire this adorable dog, who had surgery and was given his sight back. He was blind for a while, but now that he can see again, he responds in an amazing way.

Duffy, an Irish Terrier, is a rescue dog that has faced many hardships in his life. The canine acquired diabetes, which has a number of side effects, including the potential loss of vision.

Dr. Kevin Kumrow’s prescription helped Duffy’s diabetes be managed, but he was not the same without his sight. We can only speculate as to how she may have felt the day she was prevented from seeing his family. But that is now a thing of the past, due to science.

Duffy was fortunately eligible for eye surgery that may help him see again. For this excellent youngster, the news was wonderful. Dr. Brady Beale performed the procedure once he was stable enough for it. The Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania is where he received his medical care and had surgery.

Duffy’s response, once the surgeon had restored his sight, says it all.