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Vietnam’s First Sanctuary And Rescue Center Helping All Kinds Of Animals

A lady, who through her efforts has managed to establish the first sanctuary and rescue center for all sorts of animals in Viet Nam, is one of the many individuals fighting to safeguard the rights of animals so that they are treated as they deserve.

American Catherine Besch, who now resides in Vietnam, made the decision that she could no longer stand by and watch as animals are continually abused.

I no longer wanted to remain a regular person who stood by and did nothing while helpless creatures begged for assistance by frightened street animals and dog and cat hunters.

Facebook / VAAR

Catherine decided to attempt to aid all the animals in need in Vietnam, therefore she co-founded an animal welfare group in 2013. She worked hard to establish Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue (VAAR), a Hoi An rescue facility devoted to aiding dogs and cats.

Facebook / VAAR

Soon after, he came to the conclusion that the issue goes beyond pets, and he started saving all the creatures in need. VAAR is prepared to fight for animals in need, whether they be dogs, cats, monkeys, hedgehogs, pigs, ducks, or goats.

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According to Catherine, Bored Panda:

“I usually tell people that running an animal rescue facility is like running a 30-ring circus that’s on fire. It is a crisis-based work in which it is impossible to avoid witnessing avoidable pain and death on a daily basis.

Facebook / VAAR

The primary goal of this organization’s sanctuary, the first of its type in Vietnam, is to put an end to animal suffering. It carries out mass sterilizations, vaccinations, and educational programs to accomplish this aim. It also enhances veterinary care across the nation.

VAAR promotes a fully vegan lifestyle and the cessation of all animal usage and cruelty in all forms. They believe that regardless of how helpful an animal may be to people, they all have basic rights to a better existence that we must respect.

Facebook / VAAR