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No One Wanted This Dog Because He Looks A Little Different

Pablo and Picasso are brothers who were raised in a backyard by their father, a backyard breeder. Pablo and the other puppies in the litter were sold to other households, but no one was interested in Picasso because of his appearance.


Picasso was born with a prominent facial asymmetry. His upper jaw juts significantly to the right, causing his nose to slant to the side. Some of his teeth are digging into the roof of his mouth as a result of his jaw misalignment, and he has to work a little more to eat than other dogs. Aside from that, he’s in perfect health.

Picasso was surrendered to the Porterville Animal Shelter in California when the breeder was unable to sell him. He was promptly placed on the death list. Soon later, his brother Pablo wound up in the same shelter, after the family who had purchased him decided they no longer wanted him. He was also placed on the euthanasia list.


Luvable Dog Rescue, headquartered in Oregon, frequently transports and takes in dogs from the Porterville Animal Shelter, and workers were prepared to receive a group of rescue canines when the two brothers were discovered.

Liesl Wilhardt, executive director of Luvable Dog Rescue, told The Dodo, “I was talking to volunteer Shannon Corbit about the pups we were receiving and simply happened to ask her out of the blue if she had any unusual-looking or special needs dogs.” “She replied, ‘Well, in fact, I do!’ and gave me a photo of Picasso’s shelter intake. He was curled up on a dog bed and appeared to be in a bad mood. His contorted face astonished me.


Wilhardt volunteered to take Picasso in as soon as she realized that he was on the euthanasia list. She didn’t find out until later that Picasso’s sibling, Pablo, was also waiting to be put down at the shelter.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of allowing the brother to die, so I double-checked with Ashley, our Luvable manager, to make sure we had room for both, and then informed Shannon to remove them off the euthanasia list — Luvable would accept both boys,” Wilhardt explained.

When the brothers were ultimately taken into the hands of the rescue, no one could understand how someone could ever abandon them. Both boys are exceptionally lovely and sensitive, and they have an uncanny ability to love everyone they encounter.


“Picasso and Pablo appear to be the greatest of friends, and they seem to be quite distressed when they are separated,” Wilhardt added. “After seeing them together at Luvable for a few weeks, we believe it’s in their best interests for them to be adopted together.”

Surprisingly, Picasso is the more outspoken sibling, whilst Pablo is a touch more reserved. However, they feed off of each other and are at their best when they’re together.


Pablo still requires surgery to remove the teeth that are pressing on the roof of his mouth, but after he recovers, the boys will be able to meet possible families. The charity has already had several adoption requests for the duo, but will take their time to find the ideal fit.